Integrate Tasks Within Workflows To Auto Assign Tasks To Team Members

Organize important business tasks for your entire team & ensure the job gets done.



Automatically Generate Tasks & Due Dates For Your Team On The Fly

Make sure your team always knows what they need to do so they can work to their best potential. No more excuses with instant task reminders to ensure the task is finished on time.

Never Miss A Follow Up Again

Did you know that 60% of sales are made in the follow-up? Our task manager makes it easy for you to create follow-up reminders for your team. The dashboard will display what leads you need to follow up with every day!

Whizz Through Follow Ups Using Manual Actions

Conversations allow your team to fly through follow-ups. If new inquiries come in via your website and you've set a trigger for them to receive a call. Your sales team can go into conversations and see all the leads assigned to them. Click one button and the system starts calling the leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Tasks Can I Assign To A Team Member?

Unlimited! There is no cap on the amount of tasks that can be assigned to anyone.

Can I Create Task Templates?

Yes! In-fact we recommend it so you maximize the use out of your time.

Does The Tasks Automatically Remind The Team Member?

No! That is something you would have to set up. It only takes 5 seconds to set task reminders and due dates.

Can I See All My Tasks In One Place?

Yes! All your tasks for your entire team will be in one place. You can also use filters to see tasks assigned to any of your team members.

Does Task Notifications Go To The Mobile App?

Yes! All the tasks you create and assign will be sent to the mobile app so you can see everything on the go!

Does Tasks Work With Automations?

Yes! Just add the task feature to your workflows to automatically create tasks when something happens (ex a tag was added)

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