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Make your subscribers want to read your emails! Create emails that give your brand a million-dollar image and increase your click through rate. To help you get started we give you a few templates to show you what our drag and drop builder is capable of.

Not An Expert? Choose From 3 Easy To Use Email Builders

Everyone does things differently. It doesn’t matter if your a complete beginner or seasoned marketer…. We have the right builder for your skill set.

Choose From…

1.The regular builder (in FlywheelWORKFLOWS)

2.The template builder (in FlywheelEMAIL)

3.The HTML Builder (in FlywheelEMAIL)

Skyrocket Your Open & CTR Rates Using The Most Powerful Email Deliverability Tool

It doesn't matter how good your emails look, how well the copy is written or what the goal of the emails are. Nothing matters if your emails don't get opened which is why Flywheel emails is the best way to get your clients to read your emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Need To Get An SMTP Provider?

NO! You can use our's free of charge. However if you'd like to use your own you can connect Flywheel to mailgun.

Can I Reuse Templates?

Yes! In-fact we recommend it so you maximize the use out of your time. We recommend using custom fields and values in the emails so if a product or service you offer changes (which is very likely) all you would need to do is update the custom value... Not the entire email.

Do I Need To Know HTML?

Absolutely Not! There are 2 other ways you can build incredible looking emails.

Do We Get To See The Email Data?

Yes you get to see everything and can even create automations based on these triggers.

  1. If the email is delivered

  2. If the email is opened

  3. If the email is responded to

  4. If the email links are clickedIf the email is forwarded

    and so much more...

Is It Possible To See Emails That Bounce?

Yes! You will be able to see when emails bounce and even set an automation that whenever an email bounces to automatically remove that email from your list.

How Many Emails Can I Have On My List?

Unlimited lists, leads and email's only available at FlywheelEMAILS.

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