Know Your Numbers [KPI’s] And Start Making Confident Decisions To Drive Sales

Skewed numbers is the #1 reason why businesses can’t scale out of the startup phase!



Use KPI’s To Make Data-Driven-Decisions

Making decisions in your business doesn't need to feel like a game of Russian roulette. For the first time ever you can have confidence when making decisions leveraging CRMLYReporting. With our in-depth Reporting feature, you can see specific data in one single click. From ads, employee numbers, traffic sources & so much more!

Use Employee Performance Data To Hire & Fire

Imagine being able to view your sales team's data. Blind folded throwing darts at a dart board is what 92% of businesses do when it comes to making decisions. We use employee data to see what employees are profitable and which need more training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Reports Can I See?

Once you integrate everything you will be able to see reports on...Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Attribution, Source, Call Reporting, Agent Reporting, Appointment Reporting and much more!

What Can I Integrate?

You can integrate and see data from your google & facebook ads. We will be adding much more integrations in the near future like tiktok, linkedin and more.

How Accurate Is The Reporting Feature?

We use only the most accurate data we can find. The whole point of data is to make decisions, and when your data is skewed you make very costly mistakes. That will never happen again when you start using the reporting feature.

Can I Add More Than One Ad Account?

As of right now you cannot. We will be adding reporting for ads for the following platforms in the near future.tiktok, snapchat, pinterest, linkedin, reddit and many others.

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