Visualize Your Entire Sales Operation In One Easy To Digest Pipeline

Never lose track of leads again! Use pipelines to see what's going on inside your sales funnel.



Identify The Cracks In Your Sales Process

Most people have no idea what's going on inside their funnels! Pipelines allow you to see exactly where leads are in your funnel. You can easily spot gaps and fix them in seconds, and increase conversions!

Revive Dead Leads Using Pipeline Automation

Avoid the common mistake of having a pipeline full of dead leads. You can use filters to find leads stuck at a specific stage for a long period. Then create a smart list and blast them with sms, text or email to revive them. Get more sales out of your existing leads!

Execute Marketing Automations Using Pipeline Triggers

Use triggers to nurture every single lead that comes through your pipelines. You can set up a trigger at different stages that send those leads into a workflow. Never miss a sales opportunity again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pipelines Can I Create?

There Is ZERO Limit! Create as many pipelines as your team needs.

Will I Be Able To See Data On My Pipelines?

Yes! In-fact there's a specific part of our reporting tool made just for pipelines.

Is The Pipeline Interactive?

Yes you can interact with the pipelines by simply moving a lead throughout the pipeline. You can also have workflow automations do this automatically based on a specific trigger you set.

My Pipelines Is Full Is There Any Way To Filter?

Yes! You will be able to filter things like....

-How long they've been rotting in a certain stage

-Any tag assigned

-If they purchased before

-If they sign a contract

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